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Perfect Colour Matching


The Glamist Airbrush kit allows you to easily match your skin tone with a custom colour blend.

A set of 3 foundation colours are included in every Airbrush Starter Kit. You can Select from either Fair Skin, Light Skin, Medium Skin or Deep Skin ranges.



Using the airbursh, apply a thin line of each color to the side of your face. Wait 30 seconds for the colours to set and evaluate each color against your skin tone.

You only need 2 drops per color to spray the line

For most people, one of the colors will look invisible once set and therefore a perfect color match for your skin tone.

If your skin tone falls between two colors, make a 1:1 blend by adding 2 drops of each color to your airbrush. Mix the colours by pressing the spray lever down and tapping the nozzle 2 to 3 times to air mix. Spray a line of the blended color and evaluate.

If you can’t find a perfect colour match within our color range, please complete the custom colour match form below and send it back to us.

Foundation Colour Ranges