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35 8th Avenue, Lichtenburg, 2740

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Glamist Go Portable Airbrush

R 1,480.00

The new Glamist Go Airbrush is the smallest airbrush on the market. Affordable and easy to use. The ideal tool for home-users. Its compact design allows you to either fit it into your cosmetics bag or handbag. 

*Sunglasses not included. Only for illustrative purposes.

It's powerful features include:

  • 27 psi compressor
  • Twin-action airbrush
  • Auto stop/start function
  • USB charger (1.5 hour to fully charge battery)
  • Impressive battery life (45 to 50 minutes of airbrushing)
  • 1 year warranty on compressor

The Glamist Go is ideal for:

  • Airbrush makeup application (Foundation, Blush & Eyeshadow)
  • Any liquid serum application (e.g. Phyto-Sualane Glow Oil)
  • Cake decorative spraying
  • Hobby spraying 

Now your airbrush can go with you wherever you go!